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When we say a manager, we imagine a person who is really skilled in planning processes, organization, can lead a team and, most importantly, use available resources to achieve company goals. In M2C, management positions are open in various fields, whether it is sales, operation, marketing, IT, or we welcome new colleagues for positions of security and facility managers.


In M2C, we stand for the philosophy that a satisfied employee equals a satisfied client. We can do, what we do, just because of our great team.


We’re a pack that…

Can adapt to any challenge, we work as a team and always stick together.

Our daily bread and butter is…

Day-to-day work with people, ensuring the operation of the services provided, communication with clients and resolving emergencies.

It drives us forward…

Motivation to show clients the flexibility of our teamwork and keep up with the digitization era.


What will you do with us?

The work of a Manager in M2C is unpredictable. Every day is different. And what does that entail? In particular, working with people in combination with sometimes complicated technical, logistical or other situations. Coping with some of the more demanding tasks efficiently will definitely be a challenge, and it is important to be prepared to make quick decisions and act purposefully.

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What do you need to know and be able to?

You live by planning, you are assertive, flexible in time, and you can cope with work under pressure? Then you’re in the right place. For managerial positions, we are looking especially for candidates with experience in team management. The basis is also knowledge of Czech at the level of a native speaker, and of course, criminal integrity.

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M2C operates in three areas – security, building management and smart technology. We operate internationally, but the Czech Republic is our home for more than a quarter of a century. For our clients, we are constantly trying to bring innovative solutions. To do this, we need you -new colleagues who will pull together with us. We are based on corporate culture, we support the work and personal life of our employees. We want to deliver the best results, both for our customers and for our entire team.

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