Within the framework of security, our employees do not only provide clients with quality services, but we also take care of order and cleanliness on the premises. We pay particular attention to the thoroughness and reliability of the service provided. Increased hygiene and regular replenishment of sanitary material is a matter of course for us. We also use modern technologies in cleaning, which make our work easier on a daily basis. Our work includes internal cleaning of office buildings, shopping centres and production halls, but we also take care of outdoor areas.

One for all, all for one

Do you want to start the day differently than with a formal morning greeting and discussion of a work assignment? We are a family business and we are based on family principles. We try to create a pleasant environment for our employees because it is not for nothing they say that with a good mood and atmosphere in the work team everything goes better. The cleaning teams on the premises where we operate are the “keepers” for us, with whom you will find mutual cohesion and a great team. This also makes us good at what we do, and together, we contribute to our successful future.

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What will you do with us?

We provide cleanliness and comfort for all our clients, and therefore, we are looking for new colleagues who will help us create such an environment. The scope of work is diverse and varies according to the type of object, from dusting, mopping floors, emptying litter bins to machine washing of surfaces and floors or replenishment of sanitary material.

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What do you need to know and be able to?

We are looking mainly for careful, hardworking employees who enjoy cleaning and are able to work in a team. If you have additional experience in a similar position, this will be a great advantage for you. Criminal integrity must be a matter of course.

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M2C operates in three areas – security, building management and smart technology. We operate internationally, but the Czech Republic is our home for more than a quarter of a century. For our clients, we are constantly trying to bring innovative solutions. To do this, we need you -new colleagues who will pull together with us. We are based on corporate culture, we support the work and personal life of our employees. We want to deliver the best results, both for our customers and for our entire team.

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